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tax payments

WHAT IS IT? The amount distributed in 2085 in-lieu-of-tax payments to 11 counties in eastern and southeastern Nebraska. Payments for 2017 were nearly $32.9 million.

“This is one way we, as a public power utility, can give back to our customer-owners and contribute to our communities,” said OPPD President and CEO Tim Burke.

In-lieu-of-tax payment amounts are based on 5 percent of OPPD’s gross revenues from the previous year’s retail electricity sales in incorporated cities and towns. aCounty treasurers distribute the funds to school districts, cities and other entities to fund needed services and improvements.

The payments take the place of property taxes, as well as some other taxes. In addition to the in-lieu-of-tax payments, OPPD pays general sales taxes, gasoline taxes, wheel taxes, motor vehicle license fees and permit fees like any other business.

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