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Energy news from Omaha Public Power District

Paula Lukowski


Public power serves all Nebraskans

Nebraska is the only state in the nation served entirely by public power. Learn what that means to you as a public power customer-owner.

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What It Takes

For chemists at OPPD, attention to detail, problem-solving skills are critical

Chemists play key roles at OPPD's generation plants, helping to ensure the plants are operating safely and effectively.

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What It Takes

Data analysts’ roles increasingly vital

As OPPD undergoes a digital transformation, data analysts must be agile to work with a growing pool of data and rapidly developing technology.

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75th Anniversary

When OPPD holiday cookbooks were all the rage

Grandma may have found the recipe for her famous lime gelatin salad in one of these cookbooks, once a collectible giveaway.

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Working for You

Video: The ‘glue’ that holds OPPD together

The utility's Supply Chain Warehousing group works behind the scenes to store and dispense materials to keep power flowing.

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Powerful Life

The richness of being an OPPD storyteller

Over 31 years, Paula Lukowski saw storyteller ‘gold’ in the people and works of the utility. Her top 10 stories explain why.

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