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5 easy ways to beat the heat this summer

June 18, 2018 | Jason Kuiper | safety, tips, weather

In Nebraska, we’ve learned to live with extreme weather (remember those spring snow storms?) and with summer comes scorching days. Here are five tips to stay safe and beat the heat when it feels like a furnace outside.

  1. Drink plenty of cold water to stay hydrated. If you know you’ll be outside and exerting yourself, start hydrating the day before. (By the time you start feeling overly thirsty, it’s probably too late to avoid dehydration.) A sports drink can help if you are sweating a lot, replacing salt and minerals.
  2. Find a cooler location, whether it be in the shade or retreating indoors for some air conditioning. Sometimes, it’s best to just stay inside.
  3. Apply cool, wet cloths to your neck and wrists to cool down quickly.
  4. Cover yourself from the sun by wearing loose and light-colored clothing. Don’t forget the sunscreen.
  5. Limit outdoor activity, especially during midday – typically the hottest part of the day.

And here’s a bonus tip for your vehicle:

If you come back and find your car feels fit to cook a pepperoni and sausage pizza, try this: open the passenger-side window and then open the driver’s side door five or six times. This helps circulate the air and draw out the super-heated air.

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