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Video: Inspections keep complex downtown network powered

July 13, 2015 | Jodi Baker | OPPD employees, T&D, video
An OPPD employee looks at a camera feed attached to a structure that will be lowered into a portion of Omaha's downtown underground electrical network.

Omaha’s downtown area has its own vibe – a mix of residential living, restaurants, shops, nightlife and history. The way OPPD powers this area is also unique, involving a multi-layered, underground downtown network.

OPPD crews inspect a portion of Omaha's downtown underground electrical network to ensure reliability for the variety of customers downtown.
OPPD crews inspect a portion of Omaha’s downtown underground electrical network to ensure reliability.

To ensure reliability for the 1,900 customers served by this network, OPPD crews and contractors conduct detailed manhole and vault inspections. The two-month project used new technology to get a better picture of the entire system.

TREKK Design Group, an Omaha engineering firm, provided 360-degree drop-down cameras. Utility crews used infrared guns to look for hot spots.

The video shows how OPPD tackles the big job, and how the proactive work benefits those who work, live and play downtown.

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