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Resolve to be more energy efficient in 2021

December 28, 2020 | Laura King-Homan | energy efficiency, energy savings, tips
energy efficiency resolutions for 2021

New Year’s diet resolutions, exercise resolutions, we’ve heard them all. But what about New Year’s energy efficiency resolutions?

For each month of 2021, OPPD Energy Advisor Eric BenSalah will offer a brief set of tips and video to help you get on track with your energy efficiency, and save you money.


Resolution: Use your thermostat to your advantage

  • Working from home? Turn the thermostat down and use a space heater to supplement heating, if needed. Adding an extra layer of clothing always helps, too!
  • When leaving your home in winter, consider lowering your thermostat by four to five degrees to reduce your energy costs while you’re away. In summer, raising your thermostat by four to five degrees can have the same effect.
  • If you have a programmable thermostat, it can do the work for you. Programming the thermostat to automatically run or stop when you wake up, sleep, leave the house can help you save on energy costs.

Learn more: Watch this video with Eric that details tips for space heaters.

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