Grab Your Gloves: Homemade baby food isn’t as hard as it sounds

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homemade baby food

Mashing, mixing and packaging your own homemade baby food doesn’t have to take over your entire kitchen, or take a day to complete.

With these easy tips from Althea, a new mom herself, wholesome, homemade baby food can be a snap. And you have peace of mind knowing exactly what went inside.

Andrew Roger

About Andrew Roger

Andrew Roger is a multimedia contributor to The Wire and digital media coordinator at Omaha Public Power District. Andrew produces powerful videos and photos to highlight OPPD’s impact in Nebraska.

Althea McMickell

About Althea McMickell

Althea McMickell is a contributor to Omaha Public Power District's The Wire, including the Grab your Gloves video series.

One thought on “Grab Your Gloves: Homemade baby food isn’t as hard as it sounds”

  1. We make our own baby food all the time for our twins. This saves money, prevents giving the babies products or ingredients that I don’t know is in the food, and I can control what they are eating by mixing high iron foods with something that tastes good to them.
    Buying veggies from costco and blending them with the ninja blender and also putting them in resealable pouches for easy travel makes life so much easier…

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