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Infographic: Doing a big job in a small space

October 17, 2023 | Joe Comstock | generation, reliability

GEN_Backyard workhorse July 10 2021 storm horizontal

What happens when you have a damaged power pole down in your back yard but no way for a 24-foot line truck to get back there to replace it?

A mini digger derrick can perform nearly all of the functions of a full-size, truck-mounted digger derrick, including replacing power poles. And thanks to its compact size, it can access your back yard through a 36-inch gate – line crews don’t need a full-size truck to get the job done.

The infographic below shows how these backyard workhorses can do a big job in a small space.




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Joe Comstock, after 16 years of working as a designer, art director, illustrator and sculptor in Los Angeles, moved back to Omaha and is currently a content generalist at OPPD. Skilled in all things creative, he can make the mundane - magical, the trite - tantalizing and the difficult – digestible. Along with being a lover of alliteration, he has a keen interest in golf, paintball, hunting and not doing yard work. His California wife moved back with him and loves everything but the winters. His two children are both stand-up comedians.

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