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lineworker lingo

April 8 is Lineworker Appreciation Day in Nebraska. OPPD thanks the men and women who go out every day, in sometimes unimaginable conditions, to keep the lights on. It’s also a great time to learn some lineworker lingo.

Lineworker lingo

Here are some terms and phrases OPPD lineworkers commonly use. See if you can guess the meaning.

Kettle: Transformers shaped like kettle drums. Often affixed to distribution power poles

Backbone: Main feeder lines of electricity on distribution systems.

Banjo: A shovel with a straight blade and long handle

Goat horns: Hooks worn on the legs in order to climb power poles. Made of iron and often also called guy hooks

Nose bag: A canvas pouch used to hold tools

Door: A fuse tube on open-type cutouts

Elbow: An underground power cable terminator

Headache: Vocal warning of danger usually in relation to anything that falls above from a pole. (Luckily, this isn’t used that often.)

Thumper: A tool used to locate underground power line faults

Bodie stick: A tool used to disconnect power from a primary fuse

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