OPPD employees honored for Partnership 4 Kids work

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0721 Samuel Adams cropped

Samuel Adams gets to do a lot of cool things as an analyst in OPPD’s Business Technology division.

But he really looks forward to the days when he gets to go back to the classroom and volunteer as a Goal Buddy for Partnership 4 Kids (P4K), a goal-setting and group mentoring program in the Omaha Public Schools.

“It’s really been a great experience to work with Partnership 4 Kids over the last three years,” said Adams, pictured above. “Working with the kids and P4K staff are always highlights of my week.”

Apparently, the feeling is mutual, as Adams was awarded the P4K Volunteer of the Year award at a ceremony this summer.

 Adams also was one of 70 OPPD employees and retirees recognized for their participation in the P4K program during the 2016-17 school year, which marked OPPD’s 10th year volunteering with P4K.

“Thanks to all of you for volunteering your time for this impactful organization,” said President Tim Burke at a July appreciation ceremony at OPPD’s Energy Plaza. “Partnership 4 Kids engages leaders in the community, and supporting these students through mentoring aligns with our core values.”

The 2016-17 school year concluded with a special recognition award for OPPD volunteers. OPPD received the P4K Star Volunteer Advocate Award.

“At the elementary level, over 60 OPPD volunteers have been a blessing to each and every one of our students,” said Tracy Wells, director of volunteer resources at Partnership 4 Kids. “As Goal Buddies, they have taken ownership of their volunteer experience at Field Club and a few other elementary schools, and have collaborated with P4K, setting the bar high for other corporations. In addition to Goal Buddies, we are honored to have 10 OPPD group mentors.” 

Neris France, Recruitment, Community & Family Advocate at Partnership 4 Kids, echoed the value of the volunteers:

“Our students have dreams and ambitions, they just need a role model,” France said. “You just need to show up, cheer up, and be yourself.”

Natalie Leggett of Cass County Station received OPPD’s P4K Mentor of the Year award. She is pictured with OPPD’s Maurice Kimsey, an OPPD account executive.

At OPPD’s recognition event, Natalie Leggett of Cass County Station received OPPD’s P4K Mentor of the Year award.

“Many of the students struggle to find their identities,” said Leggett. “They are trying to fit in. The program provides a great way to stir up the gift that is inside of us and mentor them to stir up their gifts.”

From left, Patti Quinn-McGovern, Jan Tatum and Laura Manning, who have all volunteered for 10 years.

Four OPPD volunteers have supported P4K for 10 consecutive years: Laura Manning of Distribution Planning, Cindy Munchrath of Corporate Auditing, and retirees Patti Quinn-McGovern and Jan Tatum.

“OPPD volunteers have dedicated hours and hours of their time bonding, connecting, and forming meaningful relationships with our students,” Wells said. “They exemplify duty to our community, love to our children, and a commitment to getting our students ‘to and through.’ Thank you, thank you for giving our students hope for a better future.”

About P4K

P4K is a goal-setting and group-mentoring program that builds hope for under-served students and helps them create a foundation for success, from kindergarten to career.

Brook Aken

About Brook Aken

As an economic development coordinator, Brook works with business and community leaders throughout OPPD’s territory on projects involving community and business development. Brook volunteers for Partnership 4 Kids and the United Way of the Midlands. Brook enjoys traveling, skiing, and spending time with her family, friends and two Puli puppies.

Mark Trumble

About Mark Trumble

Mark Trumble is the manager of Energy Marketing at the Omaha Public Power District. Mark volunteers as a Goal Buddy at Partnership 4 Kids and has been the OPPD corporate liaison with P4K the past 2 years. Mark is an amateur photographer and videographer who is utilizing his involvement with P4K to take photos and videos to help promote their events.

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