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Summer is a busy time for everyone – homeowners, farmers and others who work outdoors.

No matter what you’re doing outdoors, from erecting a fence to planting a crop, you should also be sure to look up, look out and look around for electrical equipment.

Just as in the fall, summer is a good time to review safety precautions.

Some suggestions:

  • If you are doing any digging, be sure to call Nebraska 811 for locating services.
  • Don’t stack hay or round bales near electrical lines to avoid electrical contact with hay loaders or other moving equipment.
  • Always lower arms and attachments on vehicles or machinery when near electrical equipment.
  • Be aware of the location of down guywires and anchors on overhead power lines.
  • When moving equipment, know the loaded height of the vehicles so contact isn’t made with overhead power lines on roads and around field entrances.

John Mohler, manager of OPPD’s Syracuse service center, reminds customers to check clearances for equipment, especially if they’ve recently purchased a new piece of machinery.

“When in doubt, call your local OPPD office,” Mohler said. “We can send someone out to check the height and clearance.”

He added that farmers get accustomed to the size of old equipment as they enter and exit fields, so they may not realize a new piece of equipment is a higher height.

Regardless of the time of year, never approach a downed power line. If a line does come down while you are operating a piece of machinery, DO NOT leave the equipment and call 911 and OPPD immediately so they can help you exit safely.

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