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Working for You

Video: See how OPPD works to keep the system reliable

OPPD is executing a multi-pronged initiative to ensure reliable service to customers, including tree trimming and upgrading equipment.

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How Does That Work?

Why high-voltage power lines ‘hum’ in some weather conditions

The presence of moisture in the air – via fog, rain or humidity – causes a discharge of energy called the corona effect.

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Woodworth found his dream job up on the lines

OPPD lineman Cody Woodworth knew what his dream job was - a lineman for OPPD - and he worked to make it a reality.

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Big Number

How much does a lineman’s toolbelt weigh?

OPPD troubleshooters use a variety of tools while on the job. Most of them strapped around their waists.

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Powerful Life

Video: Linemen’s wives talk about the work their husbands do for customers

OPPD employees sacrifice time from families and home life every day to ensure the power keeps flowing to customers. This video talks to the wives of one group of employees - linemen.

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OPPD line crews through the years

Just as the faces of OPPD line crews have changed, so have their equipment and vehicles. These photos show line crews from the 1920s and 50s. Present-day line crews, pictured below, are on the front lines of customer service for OPPD and are often the “face” of the district in the community. Their jobs are

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