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work belt
The toolbelt for troubleshooter Aaron Prohaska includes a variety of tools.

The weight of the average work belt worn by OPPD’s troubleshooters. Troubleshooters roam OPPD’s coverage area and help check and restore power during outages. They also do routine work assignments, such as overhead service drops for tree trimmers and equipment installations on new construction projects.

Troubleshooters like to have as much equipment with them as reasonably possibly. Since they work alone and are climbing up poles, it’s best to limit the number of trips up and down the poles.

Among the tools in the belt are a rubber glove bag, adjustable wrench, hammer, lineman pliers, along with numerous other items.

The belts, especially the leather models, can weigh considerably more when they get wet. Which can happens a lot in Nebraska where lineman are always out working in every element imaginable.

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