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Video: Arbor Day tree tips from an OPPD forester

April 26, 2021 | Laura King-Homan | reliability, tips, trees
OPPD forester standing in green space at OPPD arboretum, April 2021 Arbor Day tree tips

Arbor Day has a special place among celebrations in Nebraska. The nationwide holiday originated in the state.

Arbor Day history

As pioneers moved westward, they discovered far fewer trees. The new residents missed the trees they had left behind. On Jan. 4, 1872, Nebraska City newspaper editor J. Sterling Morton proposed a tree-planting holiday called “Arbor Day.” State leaders agreed, and on April 10, 1872 the first celebration was set.

As the years went on, more states passed legislation to observe the holiday. By 1920, 45 states and territories were celebrating the holiday.

Importance of trees

OPPD has a proud, long history of supporting tree-planting efforts. The utility also has its own arboretum at 108th and Blondo streets in Omaha.

Trees can help you save energy as well as beautify your landscape. But there are some tips you should know before you add trees to your property.

Watch the video below to hear from OPPD forester Mike Norris about how trees work with our electrical system.

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