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OPPD offering Energy Star certification

March 1, 2021 | Laura King-Homan | commercial and industrial, energy savings, products & services
Gallup headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, Energy Star certification

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to just be for homes. Owners of commercial buildings can also take steps to improve their property’s efficiency.

In fact, the average building wastes about one third of the energy it uses.

One way commercial buildings can improve their efficiency is by earning an Energy Star certification. OPPD is currently offering a program that helps businesses reach this certification, and earn rebates in the process.

Investment pays off

Good energy management also makes good business sense. Studies have shown that Energy Star certified buildings:

  • Have lower operating costs
  • Are more marketable
  • Contribute less greenhouse gas
  • Command higher rental rates
  • Have increased asset value.

The OPPD Energy Star program is not new; the utility has offered it for a number of years.

“Energy Star-certified buildings use 35% less energy than their peers,” said Matt Neal B2B demand strategist for OPPD. “But so few Omaha buildings strive to be Energy Star certified. We want to change that in 2021.”

Energy Star is backed by the federal government and seen as the benchmark standard for energy efficiency. In addition to building ratings and programs, Energy Star also makes it easier for consumers to choose efficient appliances and homes.

Since 1992, Energy Star and its partners have helped American families and businesses save more than 4 trillian kilowatt-hours of electricity and over 3.5 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions. Within the Energy Star certificate, a building can achieve different levels of efficiency. To receive the certificate, a building must score a 75 or higher on a scale of 1 to 100.

Rebate offered

While there is an initial cost involved for OPPD to evaluate a building, the utility is offering up to a 50% rebate for the service. During the process, a building owner will be connected with an OPPD account executive who will work one-on-one with them to reach their efficiency goals.

“The Energy Star certification process is a low-cost way to know where your building really stands in terms of energy efficiency,” said Sonja Golembiewski, an account executive with OPPD.

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