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Keeping people happy is second nature for Gambhir

February 6, 2017 | Jason Kuiper | customer service, OPPD at work, OPPD employees

OPPD Customer Care Services supervisor Nitty Gambhir is first and foremost a people person. Most mornings the 10-year veteran of OPPD checks in with his staff of 14 and the rest of the department helping keep the mood light.

Being a people person, he knows a big part of his job in Customer Care is making sure OPPD’s customers are happy with their service.

“I am very involved in the day-to-day activities to help reduce our customer wait times,” Gambhir said. “I’ve studied OPPD surveys that indicate our wait times and customer satisfaction scores have an inverse relationship.”

working with others

Working in customer care allows Gambhir and his team the chance to work with nearly every area of OPPD. With the various types of call situations that come through Customer Care, it’s only natural that they reach out to other areas to find resolutions. Gambhir said it’s really nice when he and his group get to provide other areas of the company with positive feedback from those customer interactions.

“I like working with people,” he said. “We have such an outstanding, diverse group of people that care so much about each other and our community.”

Gambhir said one of his main goals is providing a great customer experience. Doing so requires an engaged and knowledgeable staff.

“One of my primary goals each day is to help cultivate an atmosphere in which these things can occur,” he said.


He said sometimes he felt like a coach’s son, except he didn’t grow up on the baseball diamond or football field. Instead, it was OPPD conference rooms where he often did his homework. His father, Sudesh Gambhir, worked at OPPD for 30 years. He was involved in some of the biggest projects at Fort Calhoun Station, where he worked as Nuclear Projects division manager.

“When the opportunity presented itself to me to join OPPD, it was a no-brainer,” Gambhir said. “It’s been a major part of my life. I take great pride in that.”

Outside of work, Gambhir likes to workout, spend time with his girlfriend and his 5-year-old Yorkie, Rocky.

He is also passionate about sports. In college he worked for the Omaha Royals. He did everything from running the scoreboard to being the bat boy to dressing up as the mascot, Casey, and doing the “YMCA” dance in front of several thousand people.

Just another example of the lengths Gambhir goes to engage with people and keep them happy.

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