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How Does That Work?

Is your meter easy and safe to access?

February 27, 2024 | Grant Schulte | customer service, how does that work, safety
Electric meters should be easily and safely accessible.
OPPD meter technicians need to access electric meters for a variety of reasons, including to inspect, repair 0r replace them. That’s why customers need to ensure their meter is easily and safely accessible. Here, Meter Technician Nate Thies prepares to install a new meter at a home where access to the current meter is unobstructed. Photo by Danielle Beebe-Iske

OPPD meters are an important tool on every home and business to ensure that customers are billed accurately for the electricity they consume. Meter technicians may need to inspect, fix, replace or temporarily disconnect meters for a variety of reasons.

So, it’s critical that OPPD employees can access your electric meter when necessary, without any obstructions in their way. If  meter techs can’t get to your meter directly, they may have to spend extra time on your property or call for additional help to gain access.

How you can help

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your meters are accessible:

Know where you meter is: If you don’t already know where your meter is located, take a few minutes to find it on your property. Meters are generally attached to an outer wall on your home or business, often on the side or back. Look for a device with a round face and numbers displayed on the front. Most modern meters have digital screens, but some older models have an analog display.

Make sure the route to your meter is accessible: Is there a clear path to your meter? If you have items blocking your meter or the path to it, OPPD employees may have difficulty reaching it.

Don’t plant trees or bushes too close: Plants can grow quickly and easily obscure or block meters. Be sure to give your meter plenty of space when planting new trees or bushes. As a general rule, meters should have at least 5 feet of clearance. That gives OPPD employees adequate room to work.

Keep pets clear: Don’t chain your dog to the meter’s pole. OPPD employees need a safe environment with minimal distractions to perform their duties. If a dog or other large animal is in your yard, OPPD employees may ask you to take the animal inside or monitor it so they can work.

The same general tips also apply to padmount transformers, the big, green, metal utility boxes mounted on concrete near many homes and businesses.

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