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Infographic: 10 tips to keep you safe from lightning

June 21, 2023 | Jason Kuiper | infographic, safety, severe weather, tips

Midwestern thunderstorms serve as reminders that we live in an area prone to extreme weather conditions. But practicing a few lightning safety tips can keep you and your family safe.

At OPPD, crews plan for all kinds of conditions. They use proven procedures to respond when customers’ electric service is impacted by severe weather.

Lightning safety tips

As part of the utility’s storm plan, repair crews are on standby in case they need to be called back to work. Customers can find outage updates and other pertinent information at OPPD’s Storm & Outage Center.

Living in Nebraska means blizzards, blazing heat, thunderstorm bursts and even tornadoes.

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week is June 18-24. Read on to learn what can you do to be safe when spring showers turn into destructive storms with lightning?

Never touch a downed power line or go near one. Always assume the line is live and high-voltage.

  1. Do not touch a fallen power line or anything touching the wire. This includes other people or equipment.
  2. Keep children and pets away from fallen electric wires and stay at least 30 feet away from wires.
  3. Do not drive over a fallen power line.
  4. Immediately call OPPD at 1-800-554-6773 or 911 to report a fallen power line.

The Department of Homeland Security and the National Weather Service also recommends:

  1. Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work and in the car.
  2. Listen to local officials. Keep informed of the latest weather alerts and updates.
  3. Develop a disaster plan for you and your family.
  4. Identify a safe place to take shelter.
  5. Check the weather forecast before leaving for extended periods outdoors. Watch for signs of approaching storms.
  6. If severe weather threatens, check on people who are elderly, very young, or physically or mentally disabled. Don’t forget about pets and farm animals.

Lightning Infographic

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