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Infographic: Prepare for winter driving

By adding a few standard items to your car's trunk, you'll be ready for anything winter driving can throw at you this season.

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How Does That Work?

Infographic: Dispatching ‘trouble calls’

There are many steps involved between the time when an outage is reported and power is restored. This infographic tells you more.

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Infographic: 10 tips to keep you safe from lightning

June 21-27 is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week. Follow these tips so your summer fun remains safe.

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Working for You

Infographic: Locating a power line involves research, time, reaching out

Before the first pole of a transmission line goes in the ground, OPPD teams have put in months of time preparing for a successful build.

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Infographic: How to prevent electrical shock in water

Faulty wiring or the use of damaged cords and devices can electrify the water. Make sure your swimming area is safe.

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Leading the Way

Infographic: Methane plant turns your trash into your power

OPPD, together with Waste Management of Nebraska, Inc., has been converting landfill trash into reliable electricity since 2002.

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