Power outage action steps

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power outage

OPPD’s goal — every day — is to provide its customers with affordable, reliable electric service. However, severe weather and other events can sometimes cause a power outage. Read on for information that can help you be prepared in the event you do lose power.

Report the outage

OUT_Action Steps_app homepageThis can be done a number of ways:

  • Online – visit oppd.com/outage to report the outage online
  • By phone – call 1-800-554-OPPD (6773)
  • By smartphone – visit oppd.com or use the OPPDConnect app to report an outage on your smartphone or mobile device.

When reporting an outage, be ready to provide as much information as possible, such as downed lines, was there a flash or loud noise before the outage, or whether your neighbors have power.

Safety first

Treat every downed power line as though it is energized and keep a safe distance from it. Report downed lines to OPPD. Never attempt to move or touch downed power lines.

Turn off and unplug

Turning off most lights and unplugging appliances and electronics will reduce the electrical load when power is restored and minimize possible damage to your equipment.

Keep in the cold

Keeping refrigerator and freezer doors closed can keep your food from spoiling for up to 10 hours when the power is out.

Use caution

If you need to clear fallen tree limbs or other debris after a storm, make sure there are no downed power lines tangled among the branches. If you’re working on a roof or ladder, make sure there are no overhead power lines near you.

Give us your number

Make sure OPPD has your correct phone number so that we can better serve you when restoring power. If in doubt, call 402-536-4131 or 1-877-536-4131 so we can verify your phone number.

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