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Video: Energy production employees critical to operations

April 20, 2020 | Laura King-Homan | generation, powerful life, video
power plant operators

Without OPPD employees in the utility’s energy production facilities, there would be less electricity available for customers. It’s that simple.

Now, as we deal with the impacts of coronavirus on our everyday lives, being connected is more important then ever. For work, school and reaching out to loved ones.

That connection starts at energy generation facilities.

The employees there ensure power reliably flows from the plants to the substations and to customer homes. The work they do is complex and large in scale. One repair or maintenance job can take hours or days or months depending on its scope.

And they often don’t have the option to work remotely.

Each of those employees has a family at home waiting for them, and missing them when they’re called away to serve OPPD’s customers. This video, produced by Goswen Visual Marketing, tells their story.

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