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Video: How to calm pets during stormy weather

Storms can be really scary for our four-legged friends. Help your pets cope with these tips from the Nebraska Humane Society.

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Working for You

Video: Going underground to power up

In both urban and rural areas, infrastructure projects continue to ensure reliable power for OPPD customers.

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Video: Simple steps to save energy this summer

The heat is rising, but that doesn’t mean your electricity bill has to. OPPD’s Energy Advisor shows you how.

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Video: Fort Calhoun Station crosses fuel-move milestone

With the final canister secured in recent days, all spent nuclear fuel is safely in dry storage.

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Powerful Life

Video: Energy production employees critical to operations

OPPD employees staffing the utility’s generation facilities ensure reliable power continues to flow to customers, despite of COVID-19.

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How Does That Work?

Video: The difference between types of power lines

Transmission lines and distribution power lines have unique jobs within the electric system. Watch this video to learn more.

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