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Safety first this Halloween – even when carving your pumpkin

October 14, 2020 | Laura King-Homan | safety, tips
close up of woman with pumpkins at home

Halloween is just around the corner. That means families will be purchasing the perfect pumpkin to showcase their carving skills.

Below are a few easy pumpkin stencils so your gourds glow with ghoulish delight.

pumpkin-carving-templates-1 pumpkin-carving-templates-3 pumpkin-carving-templates-2 pumpkin-carving-templates-4

Safety first

At OPPD, safety always comes first. So we also wanted to share five safety tips from Consumer Reports to ensure your perfectly carved pumpkin doesn’t leave you with a scar or two.

  • Use the right tools. Instead of kitchen knives, opt instead for the tools in a pumpkin-carving kit. They are made to cut through the thick rind of pumpkins without being too sharp.
  • Keep the top on. Instead of putting your hand inside the pumpkin to carve, keep the “lid” on and hold the top of the pumpkin while you cut. You can also cut a hole in the bottom instead of the top, which also makes it easier to add a flameless candle.
  • Work in a clean, well-lit, dry area and don’t rush it.
  • Keep kids involved without cutting. Instead, have them draw the design and clean out the insides with their hands or a spoon.

Know your first aid. If a cut occurs, apply pressure using a clean, dry cloth. If bleeding is severe and does not stop in 15 minutes, seek medical attention.

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