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May 11, 2019 | Laura King-Homan | OPPD at work, public power

OPPD is always working to keep the power on. Over the last 41 days, the utility has offered a glimpse into the everyday efforts they make to provide safe, reliable power to 13 counties and 846,000 people.

For six weeks, OPPD chronicled in near-real time the work that happens in the communities they serve. From maintaining power plants, safety equipment, electrical lines and wind farms to offering customer service, information, education and trouble-shooting, the utility shared some of the crucial tasks that go into providing consistent, affordable energy.

OPPD values the people and the communities they serve. It’s an honor to share some of the efforts that go into keeping these 13 counties safe and powered. OPPD is passionate about consistently looking for ways to provide and maintain affordability, economic growth opportunities, efficient service, and sustainable energy solutions. They are proud to share that passion with you.

Watch the video below to see the kind of things OPPD is doing every day to serve their communities.

Actions, not words

No two days are alike at OPPD. What remains constant, however, is the commitment to providing reliable, affordable and environmentally sensitive electricity service. Every day, The Wire will feature a snapshot of the work OPPD employees do to meet this commitment.

OPPD lives out its commitment to the communities it serves through actions rather than words. Since it came online in 2015, The Wire has pulled back the curtain to show customers what OPPD does. Check in here for the next six weeks to see how OPPD serves customers and how we work to keep the lights on. This daily effort is an extension of our transparency.

It’s real. It’s not glamorous. But it’s important work.

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