Video: Linemen’s wives talk about what their husbands do for customers

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OPPD employees in several areas of the utility are always on call to serve customers. Perhaps the most visible of these are OPPD’s line technicians, or linemen.

This video produced by Goswen Visual Marketing looks at their wives’ perspectives on the work they do, from late night call outs to the everyday dangers.

Laura King-Homan

About Laura King-Homan

Laura King-Homan is the managing editor of The Wire and a communications specialist at the Omaha Public Power District. She has nearly 20 years of print journalism and design experience, including the Omaha World-Herald.

One thought on “Video: Linemen’s wives talk about what their husbands do for customers”

  1. This is beautiful tribute to the linemen. The wives and families do sacrifice a lot. They are a special breed of men and their wives are too.
    Having dispatched them for more than 36 years, I know what they go through. I would always tell them 1. Be safe and go home to your babies. 2. Get the lights back on.
    When they were ending their shift or being released from a storm, I would tell them “Nite nite…Mommie loves.” I did my part to keep them safe.

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