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Trick or treat! 6 Halloween safety tips

October 23, 2023 | Laura King-Homan | safety, tips
Little children trick or treating on Halloween

Soon superheroes, firefighters, witches and princesses will fill sidewalks in their annual hunt for Halloween candy.

With so many little goblins out and about, it’s important to remember some key safety tips to ensure the holiday is enjoyable – and safe – for everyone. The National Safety Council offers some Halloween safety tips.

1. Go with the kids

An adult should go trick-or-treating with young children. If your children are older and going with friends, plan and review a route that is acceptable and known to everyone.

2. Set boundaries

Agree on a specific time the trick-or-treating will end, and teach your children to never enter a stranger’s home or car. Also, remind your kids to wait until they’re home to eat their candy, so you can look for any suspicious items.

3. Go with what you know

Stick to your neighborhood and other familiar areas. These areas should be well-lit; avoid houses that don’t have their porch light on.

4. Be seen

If children will be out after sunset, fasten reflective tape to their costumes and treat bags, or add a glow stick necklace to their costume. Avoid masks that might obstruct their vision.

5. Drive cautiously

If you will be driving through neighborhoods during peak trick-or-treating, slow down and keep these Halloween safety tips in mind:

  • Watch for children walking near roads and even on sidewalks.
  • Enter driveways and alleyways carefully, and look twice for children who may quickly dart into your path.
  • As the sun sets, and later at night, watch for children who may have costumes in dark colors.
  • Inexperienced drivers should use extra caution when driving in neighborhoods, or avoid doing so altogether.

6. Create a costume

What could be cuter than a small child in a hardhat knocking at your door? Putting together a lineworker costume is easy and a great way to show appreciation for the hard work done by these utility employees. The following graphic gives you all the pieces you need.

halloween safety tips SAF_Halloween Costume_IG_line tech

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