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Land management

December 3, 2018 | Laura King-Homan | how does that work, outreach
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OPPD’s Land Management services employees represent the utility in real estate issues and right-of-way matters across the OPPD service territory.

The team is responsible for developing, abstracting, interpreting and negotiating real estate and right-of-way agreements in support of OPPD’s mission and vision.

Recognizing the evolving needs of their customers, OPPD’s Land Management group takes a proactive approach to communicating with and engaging internal and external stakeholders.


Land Management deals with a variety of topics in their work at OPPD, including:

  • Real estate: This includes acquiring property, disposal and management of property, as well as lease management.
  • Right-of-Way: Includes easement acquisition; right of entry; easement releases and management; encroachments; being a liaison with construction projects; and damage settlements.
  • Stakeholder engagement: These OPPD employees are involved in routing and siting transmission lines such as the Midwest Transmission Project; siting substations; communicating with the public through outreach and education; and participating in strategic communications.
  • Lease administration: This work includes working with leases for everything from agricultural land to construction laydown yards to warehouse and office space.
  • Managing OPPD’s Arbor Line: The utility’s rail spur is used for commercial purposes by businesses. Land Management deals with those leases, easements, permits and license agreements as well as maintenance agreements.
  • Records management: This involves recording, inputting data, filing and maintaining an internal database for tracking.


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