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Walk like a penguin to avoid falls

January 6, 2019 | Jodi Baker | safety, tips, weather
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By following a few tips for avoiding falls in winter, you could save yourself injury. Emulating a certain cold-weather bird may help, too.

Winter weather makes roads, parking lots and sidewalks dangerous for anyone on foot. Salt, gravel or brine spread on the surfaces should not be taken for granted as a sure-fire remedy. OPPD safety experts recommend the following strategies for those who must walk on surfaces which may be slick due to rain, ice or snow:

  • Wear non-slipping shoes and boots while outside.
  • Use hand rails wherever they’re available.
  • Use the “penguin walk, as demonstrated below, to maintain balance.

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Jodi Baker writes stories and shoots videos for The Wire. Jodi was a television news reporter before she came to work for OPPD as a media specialist in 2013. Jodi earned her degree in broadcasting from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. She's worked for news stations from her hometown of Omaha to sunny San Diego. She’s married with two bright and energetic children (a boy and a girl) and an allergy-ridden little Cairn Terrier. She and her husband enjoy catching up on some grown-up DVR time once the kiddos are asleep.

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