Video: How to calm pets during stormy weather

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It often starts even before a storm rolls in: Your dog starts panting, pacing, barking or even shaking. That’s because pets are extremely sensitive and can sense a change in the barometric pressure. It only worsens as the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls, the low frequency vibrations causing them discomfort.

“Everything changes, and they’re not really sure why,” explained Pam Wiese of the Nebraska Humane Society. “They don’t understand, and it’s scary.”

While we can’t change the weather, there are things we can do to calm pets during storms, which Wiese explains in the above video.

  • Let them do what they want to do to cope, within reason
  • Get cozy
  • Provide background noise
  • Try calming pheromones or herbs
  • Put on the Thundershirt

Sometimes, no matter what we try, our pets won’t calm down. Their agitation may get to the point where they hurt themselves.

“If nothing else will console your pet, your veterinarian can prescribe tranquilizers,” Wiese said.

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