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Infographic: Dispatching ‘trouble calls’

September 21, 2020 | Laura King-Homan | infographic, reliability, restoration
dispatching outage calls

When an outage call comes in, it’s fixed immediately, right? Yes and no.

Many steps are involved when OPPD answers “trouble calls,” those calls reporting an outage or other incident that causes loss of electricity to customers.

OPPD dispatchers are the first piece of the puzzle. They work closely with personnel in the field, such as troubleshooters, to assess the situation, determine a solution and restore power. They also communicate the de-energization of the equipment so it is safe for the line technicians to make repairs.

All of these steps happen in a matter of minutes and go unseen by OPPD customers. The infographic below breaks down the process of dispatching calls.

dispatching outage calls

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