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Video: Put that rainy day to use. Install a rain barrel.

August 10, 2015 | Wire Staff | environment, tips, video
how to install a rain barrel, women stands next to a rain barrel outside a home

Learning how to install a rain barrel can be intimidating. But adding a rainwater collection barrel doesn’t have to be difficult, and it has major benefits. Not only does it help reduce water usage, it also helps reduce stormwater runoff pollution, the number one cause of water pollution in Nebraska.

Typically, rainwater runs off your roof into the streets and through a storm drain, picking up all kinds of debris and pollutants before reaching local rivers and streams. A rainwater collection barrel collects the rainwater from the roof so you can use it later to water your lawn, wash your car and more.

Watch the above video for how-to instructions on installing a rainwater collection barrel. Visit the City of Omaha Stormwater Program for more stormwater runoff reduction tips.

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