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Infographic: Locating a power line involves research, time, reaching out

August 26, 2019 | Joe Comstock | infographic, T&D
locating transmission lines, a transmission line tower shot from the ground up in perspective

When OPPD decides to construct a new transmission line, it isn’t without months – and sometimes years – of preparation and research.

Transmission lines are high voltage power lines and their supporting structures that stretch across miles of open space and run along major roadways. They are the backbone, or interstate highway, of OPPD’s electrical system.

But before one pole goes into the ground, OPPD teams are busy researching, assessing and reaching out to stakeholders about the new line and the route it will take. The following infographic shows how.

T&D_Power Line Process_infographic

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Joe Comstock, after 16 years of working as a designer, art director, illustrator and sculptor in Los Angeles, moved back to Omaha and is currently a content generalist at OPPD. Skilled in all things creative, he can make the mundane - magical, the trite - tantalizing and the difficult – digestible. Along with being a lover of alliteration, he has a keen interest in golf, paintball, hunting and not doing yard work. His California wife moved back with him and loves everything but the winters. His two children are both stand-up comedians.

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