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OPPD hosted 2010 lineworker rodeo

November 26, 2018 | Justin Gallegos | flashback, history
FLBK_2010 APPA Lineworker Rodeo_homepage

In March, 2010, OPPD hosted the 10th annual American Public Power Association’s Lineworker’s Rodeo.

Roughly 200 participants from across the country competed, including 24 OPPD employees.

FLBK_2010 APPA Lineworker RodeoWorking line crew leader Steve Frederick of the Papillion Center served on the “fix- it team.” Frederick was one of several lineworkers who climbed poles and placed flags during the opening ceremony.

“It was the best rodeo setup I’ve seen,” said Frederick at the time. “How could you beat a grass field by a lake?”

After visiting, an APPA official mentioned how the event would serve as a template for future APPA rodeos.

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