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Video: Training prepares crews for work below the streets

March 6, 2017 | Jodi Baker | safety, T&D, video

Electric system repairs can be complicated.

That’s particularly true for buried power lines or underground residential distribution, or URD.

OPPD line technicians perform intense URD training during their apprenticeship. This better equips them to handle issues when they arise.

See what they’re up against and how they prepare to fix problems to return service to our customers as safely and quickly as possible.

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Jodi Baker contributes stories to The Wire in addition to serving as a media liaison for OPPD. She was a reporter, working for news stations from her hometown of Omaha to San Diego, prior to joining the utility in 2013. Jodi has a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, with a minor in Criminal Justice. She’s married with two older children and two younger dogs – Shi Tzu mixes. She loves watching her daughter’s track meets, going to concerts with her husband Dave, who used to co-host a local music video program, and traveling whenever possible.

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