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Employee remembers time in OPPD kitchen

October 29, 2018 | Wire Staff | flashback, history
OPPD kitchen

Thousands of elementary school students got their first formal cooking lesson in one of OPPD’s kitchens, taught by members of the former Home Service Department. In fact, the Junior Cooking classes were so popular that they were booked a year in advance.

FLBK_Deena Silke cooking class_book detail 2OPPD’s Deena Silke specialist PCB programs in Environmental Regulatory Affairs, recently found her certificate for completing the Junior Cooks Class. She recalls her mom bringing her Girl Scout troop to classes. The class consisted of four lessons: breakfast, lunch, dinner and party. Once the students completed the course, they received a diploma and a Junior Cook Book.

Silke learned lots of good recipes and useful tips for the kitchen. One of Silke’s highlights from the class was when the instructor told them to hold their pinky finger out when they took a drink.

FLBK_Deena Silke cooking class_book detailThe children learned more than just cooking. Another purpose of the class was to teach participants how to use electric appliances, such as hand mixer, oven and garbage disposal. They learned how to set the kitchen table and how to behave in the kitchen.

The OPPD Home Service Department held cooking classes for other groups, too. There were classes for housewives, student nurses, home economics majors, special-education students, senior citizens and men.

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