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Video: Precast vault construction shaves time, reduces traffic snarls

November 20, 2017 | Paula Lukowski | reliability, T&D, video
precast vault

Nobody likes sitting in traffic, but sometimes it’s necessary in the name of progress.

That’s true during road projects, when a building is under construction, and  when utility improvement projects are underway.

precast vaultsSo what if you could cut that traffic snarl from four months down to one week or less?

OPPD successfully did just that, led by former senior design engineer Eliya Henin. Henin proposed using precast construction instead of building the vault on-site when he designed a new underground vault in downtown Omaha.

Distribution Engineering Manager Sharyl McGuire gave the green light to Henin. Henin then applied learnings from his doctoral thesis on precast construction.

T&D Precast vaults_inside craneIn addition to expediting construction and relieving traffic slow-downs, the new method saved OPPD – and its customer-owners – a lot of money.

Watch the following video by Nate Gasaway, Goswen Visual Marketing to learn more.

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